General Info

Accuracy on the death certificate is very important as this is a legal document that is permanently filed with the Florida State Health Department. Certified copies of the death certificate are issued by the Division of Vital Records at the Health Department. The funeral director can assist you in securing the number of copies that you may need. In order to coordinate the service time, the religious preference and name of the individual that you wish to preside over the ceremony is needed. If you have no preference or the person you desire is unavailable, the funeral director can assist in contacting a Minister, Priest, or Rabbi to officiate.

If possible, have available the deed to the cemetery property that shows the name of the lot owner and the site location. If the original deed is not available, the name(s) of the property owner(s) will generally be sufficient in locating the gravesite. If you do not own cemetery property, the funeral director can assist you in locating a grave at a reasonable cost.

When viewing is desired, a recent photo and clothing should be provided. Specifically designed, inexpensive burial garments are available if necessary. Casket selection and prices vary. The funeral director will provide you with a price list and assist you in making a selection that is affordable for you.

The funeral director is available to also assist you in preparing the death notice for the newspaper, arranging transportation, and giving you advice regarding benefits that you may be entitled to (social security and veteran’s allowances) and provide you with the required forms as applicable.